Famous Bedtime Stories For Kids To Read Online – Short and Long Collection of Stories

A magical wizard, a fiery dragon, or a great emperor! The possibilities are endless when it’s you and your imagination at play. There’s no better way to immerse yourself and your child in a few moments away from reality than to be going over some of your favorite bedtime stories. Scroll our website to find famous featured bedtime stories, with great morals, ranging from quick five-minute reads to long stories keeping you hooked. 

Here is the list of the Most Popular Short Bedtime Stories For Kids To Read   

5 Minute Bedtime Stories

It’s true that children are more amenable right before bed, and this provides the perfect time to enhance interactive learning and build an emotional connection with your child. So, sit back with your favorite bedtime story and steal a few moments away from your everyday hustle for just you and your child.

Below follows our vast collection of moral bedtime stories for you and your child to enjoy. So, pick from a wide range of fairy tales, classics, Disney stories, folklore, and moral stories to drown in an imaginative world of your own every night. Here’s to magical memories with your kids!

1. The Snowman

When the kids build the biggest snowman, they ever have, they didn’t know they were in for a surprise when they placed a magic hat on his head! The hat brought Frosty to the snowman to life and the kids began to have the time of their life, before one day, when Frosty mysteriously disappeared. Read the story to find out Frosty’s fate.  

2. The Six Swans

An evil stepmother casts a horrible spell on the King’s children turning his sons into six swans. It is then up to their youngest sister to rid them of this curse, but she must remain silent for six long years and must sew each of her brothers a star-flower shirt. She is willing to go to any length to help her brothers out. 

3. The Wind and the Sun

The wind and the sun get into an argument over who is stronger and can force a man to take his coat off. While the wind displays its force and strength, the sun teaches us a moral about how subtle persuasion can sometimes be stronger than force. 

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Fairy Tales to Enjoy at Bedtime 

4. Aladdin and The Magic Lamp

A poor orphan named Aladdin is deceived by a wicked magician so that he would go into a dark, dangerous cave and fetch him a magic lamp. But when Aladdin refuses to give the lamp, he is locked inside the cave and discovers the magical genius inside it. Aladdin enjoys various wishes being granted before the magician steals the lamp away and Aladdin must get it back! 

5. Beauty and the Beast

When Beauty’s father steals a rose from the Beast’s garden, she has to go stay with the Beast. Initially afraid of his appearance, Beauty slowly grows fond of his kindness and virtue and realizes that internal qualities are so much more important than looks. Thus, falling in love with the Beast, Beauty is able to lift the curse off him and turn him back into a handsome prince, living happily ever after! The moral of the story is to value internal qualities as compared to external/superficial ones.

6. Cinderella

A famous fairy tale for generations, Cinderella teaches us the moral of being kind and forgiving. You never know when your goodness and virtue can change your life! Be Kind and forgiving towards others.

7. Snow White and The Witch

A classic tale, of a young girl Snow White, an evil queen, and seven dwarfs. The Queen, who wants to be the fairest of them all, grows jealous of Snow White’s powdery complexion and feeds her a cursed apple. Only true love can break the spell and bring snow-white back to life! 

8. Stars in the Sky

A little girl wants nothing more than to play with the stars, so she goes on an adventure in search of a way to reach the sky, only to walk and dance and climb and climb till she’s back in her bed again and it was just a dream during the night. 

9. Rapunzel

A selfish old witch kidnaps Rapunzel was her long magical hair because it can help her stay young. But soon Rapunzel falls in love with a young prince, allowing him to climb into her tower using her hair. When the witch finds out she cuts off Rapunzel’s hair and banishes her to a dessert. Read the popular fairy tale to find out how the prince reunites with Rapunzel! 

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Stories about Animals to enjoy at bedtime

10. The Hungry Caterpillar Story

A very hungry caterpillar eats different foods every day but realizes that cakes and sweets and buns leave him with a belly ache. He feels his best when he eats some green leaves and learns that he must stick to his own food cycle to become a big beautiful butterfly. So, specific processes and food cycles are available for every living being.

11. The Elephant and the Mice

A herd of elephants accidentally tramples the homes of several mice when they rush towards a lake. But the elephant king is kind and asks them to change their route the next time. Pleased, the mice return the favor and cut open the nets laid by some hunters so the elephants can run free, teaching kids an important moral; friendship has no bounds. Friendship has no boundaries.

12. The Musical Donkey

A donkey was never satisfied with the meals his farmer gave him even though he worked so hard. So, he sneaks into a cornfield with a jackal and fills his belly every night. But one day he wants to celebrate and sing, getting himself caught in the act. Thus, he learns the hard way that there is a time and place for everything.

13. The StarFish

You might not be able to do all the good in the world, but every small bit of good matters. A story based on this moral, follows a young boy trying to save all the starfish ending up on the shore. Every small bit matters.

14. The Mice That Ate Iron

When his friend tries to cheat the merchant by saying that mice had eaten up his iron beam, he teaches him a lesson by pulling his tricks on him, teaching him the moral that the truth cannot be hidden for too long. 

15. The Ugly Duckling Story

A small duckling looks very different from the rest of her siblings and decides to run away when he is teased for his appearance. But his fate was not decided by his appearance and as he struggles to find himself a home where he can be loved he grows up to become a big, beautiful swan! “It is truly wrong to judge people for their appearances” is the moral of this story for kids. 

16. The Hungry Mouse Story with Summary

Greed is such a curse! Learn an important moral from this story of a greedy mouse who eats so much he’s stuck inside the corn basket because his belly is too big. But his greed won’t let him stop eating and he eventually falls to his ill fate when a cat gobbles him up! Greed is a curse.

17. Four Friends and The Hunter

The story of four friends, a deer, a crow, a rat, and a tortoise, who enjoy each other’s company. But one day a hunter tries to catch them and ends up trapping the tortoise. But his friends won’t leave him behind and work as a team to free their friend from the hunter’s net and escape his trap. Teamwork can lead to better results.

18. The Elephant and the Dog

This moral-some story teaches us the importance of friends in our life. The King’s beloved elephant grows ill when his best friend, the dog is sold off to someone who lives far off. The grief of missing his dear friend can only be overcome when the two are reunited. Read this beautiful take of friendship to see how the story goes! Friends are important in life.

19. The Blue Jackal Story

A jackal falls into a bucket of blue dye as he tries to run away from a group of dogs. But he uses his blue color to trick the animals into believing that he is a special creature and should be treated like a king. But someone’s true nature cannot remain hidden for long and the animals soon discover that he is actually just a normal jackal and he has to face the consequences! The true nature of an individual cannot remain hidden for long.

20. The Wise Parrot Story

Two parrots are caught and taken to a big palace where they become the center of attention. But that is only short-lived because the King soon gets a new pet monkey. The parrots teach us an important moral about being patient because no hardship is permanent and thus, wait for the attention and care to turn back towards them. Nothing is permanent in the world.

Stories with Great Moral Lessons To Enjoy:  

21. The Intelligent Merchant Story

A story of how a merchant outsmarts an unjust King by using logic and Intelligence. Important moral is learned, Intelligence can mitigate adverse conditions and thus the merchant is able to escape his punishment every time. Intelligence can mitigate the adverse condition

22. The King and the Drum

A moral story for kids about a King who kept his huge ears a secret. But once his secret was out, he realizes that his looks won’t matter to his people if he is a kind and just ruler. Justice is an integral part of society.

23. Hans in Luck

An interesting read, about a young man Hans who wants to go meet his mother and starts off his journey with a block of silver, which he feels is weighing him down. Hans keeps exchanging his block of silver till he has no material possession left and that is when he feels the lightest and free. An important moral is taught, materialistic things are always a burden, and Hans is lucky because he is free from them. Materialistic things are always a burden.

24. One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes

The youngest of three sisters has two eyes and looks just like normal people, for which she is always mistreated. But Two-eyes always dealt her sisters with kindness, which pays off for her in the story because good fortune and a handsome knight find her away because she has been a virtuous girl. Read the story to follow little maiden Two-eye’s adventures. Treat everyone politely.

25. Positive and Negative Thinking

A young man is unaware that he is sitting under a magical tree, and that anything he wishes for or thinks of would be granted. But his negative thinking costs him his life when he thinks that any wild animal could pounce on him then and there, and so it happens! Read the moral-some story teaching us to always think positively. We should always be positive.

26. The Tortoise and The Hare Story

A slow tortoise and a quick active hare take part in a race. While the hare is active and quick, he decides to take a nap because he’s so sure he can win. But this nap costs him a hefty. The tortoise slowly but steadily continues to work hard, and against all odds, wins the race! Surely persistence is key. Slow and steady wins the race.

27. The Emperor’s New Clothes

A story about an Emperor who does not want to admit that he is not the smartest and most excellent. This egoistic behavior leads to him making a foolish decision and embarrassing himself because he fell for the plan of two crooks who posed themselves as weavers. Read ahead to see how the crooks trick the Emperor. Pride and Foolishness form a deadly combination.

28. The Lonely Snowman

Slushy the snowman can’t help but be angry about how lonely he is. He would rage all say about how he had no friends. But little did he realize, that it was actually his anger that was keeping people away from him. And when people finally do approach him, Slushy learns an important moral, that you should never let your anger consume you! 

29. The Fox and the Monkey

A story about the election of a new leader in the jungle. See the turns of events and the role of the fox during the process. Leadership qualities are, no doubt, essential to becoming a leader.

30. The Mole and His Mother

One of the interesting stories you can narrate to your kids about staying within limits is about the Mole and his mother. See how elegantly the mother taught her kid about not being boastful.

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How to make bedtime stories more interesting? 

While there is no right or wrong way to go around bedtime storytime, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks to make the activity as delightful as possible. 

Ways to make bedtime stories magical  

Reading up a story right before bedtime is a great way to unwind after a long day, cuddle up with your kids and let your imaginative spirits soar! Here are some tips to make storytime all the more enjoyable. 

1. It’s never too soon to start  

No baby is too young to be introduced to the limitless world of books. Be it reading out to your baby bump, or handing your little toddler a book so they can flip through the pages with their tiny fingers, starting off early insinuates a deep bond in your child with books. Reading out to your kids also helps stimulate their imagination and familiarizes them with new sounds, words, colors, and shapes 

2. Create a magical storytelling space  

Young children love playing pretend, and there’s nothing more special than associating a nook or corner of the house as their reading spot. Set up a warm spot with cushions and some fairy lights or build up a mattress fort, but creating a warm, magical place for reading time just adds an extra oomph! 

3. Put on a funny storytelling voice  

There is no better way to enhance your child’s reading experience than by bringing the characters to life. Put up a façade and voice your characters so that your child can engulf in the fairyland or magical world you are reading to them about. Pick a small squeaky voice for the mouse in your stories or bring up a big thundering roar for the fiery dragon, the choice is yours. But make reading time as interactive as possible. 

4. Your story time, your stories

Who said you need to rely on books or illustrations for storytime when you’ve got your own imagination with you? You can always make up stories by yourself and what better way to make your child the central character? Don’t shy away from including all of his friends and incorporating anecdotes from everyday life to make the stories as engaging as possible. 

5. Anywhere, any time  

There’s no right time and place for a good story, so don’t try to limit yourself to the bedroom. Reading to your child at any time of the day for just up to ten minutes can have a great impact on their reading and imaginative abilities. So be it over breakfast, during playtime, or right before a nap, be sure to incorporate storytime into your child’s daily life 

6. Last but not least…  

It’s all about spending time together. Sometimes bedtime rituals after a long tiresome day might seem like a chore but just a few magical moments with your child and flipping through your favorite book in bed can make memories that you and your child will treasure for a lifetime. So, snuggle up and relax as you both create a timeless bond. 

Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories: 

While trying to pin down your toddlers to go through a couple of pages during the day may seem like an impossible task, they are surprisingly prone to learning once tucked into bed.  It is proven that reading to your child in their early years helps develop their cognitive abilities. Additionally, it also boosts their emotional

and social development. Exposed to an array of new illustrations, characters, animals, and emotions, the essence of diversity, tolerance, and acceptance is cultivated from very early on.  

With every fairy, pirate, monster, and unicorn, there are never-ending possibilities of what kids can imagine. And oh! The adventures they can go on. Reading before sleep certainly boosts creativity and imagination, simultaneously developing vocabulary in young kids.  

As we rush through life and our daily routines, it’s hard to spare a moment for ourselves. Sometimes, a little time before bed can be just the fix you need. And what better way to engage and converse than to run through some poems and stories with your young one. There are endless lessons to learn in these cherished moments, which will probably stick for years to come. 

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FAQs Bedtime Stories  

Q1. Can you read me a bedtime story on Google

Your Google Assistant can read you a bedtime story too. All you have to do is to open Google and say “Hey Google, tell me a bedtime story”. 

Q2. How do you read a bedtime story

There is no wrong or right way to read a story. Unwind, relax and cozy up with your favorite book. Switch off all distractions and regularly engage with the same stories to enhance learning. 

Q3. What are the best bedtime stories

There are endless great stories on our website, but some classic moral stories for kids include “The Goose, Golden Egg and Farmer”, “The Fox and The Grapes” and so many fairy tales such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, etc. 

Q4. Why Do Bedtime Stories Work

Children are more receptive right before they sleep and a fixed bedtime story routine can help improve a child’s cognitive abilities, thinking skills, and control over language. It’s also a great way to enhance the bond between you and your child and improve their emotional abilities. 

Q5. Are Bedtime Stories Good

Bedtime stories are a great way to enhance morality, language, and emotional and cognitive abilities. Additionally, putting your kids to bed and expecting them to fall asleep straight away may be hard and thus reading bedtime stories is a good way to rid them of stress and help them relax before bed. 

Q6. How Long Should A Bedtime Story Be

Scientifically, an ideal bedtime story should be around 8 to 9 minutes long. But truth be told, storytime can go on for as long as you and your child are able to enjoy it. However, reading for a bit every day is always better than not reading at all. 

Q7. What Makes A Bedtime Story Good

A good bedtime story should help pull away from reality for a while and prepare your child for bedtime. Any storyline which teaches a good moral or boosts your child’s imagination, taking him or her into a world of wizards and fairies and talking animals makes a great bedtime read. Any story centered on bedtime and making the outside world slow down should be a good pick. 

Q8. Why Do Parents Read Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories help grow the bond between parents and their children, helping both unwind and de-stress. Bedtime also makes great memories that both parents and children will cherish forever. Also watching a role model read before bed makes the children associate positive emotions with the act. 

Q9. How many parents Read Bedtime Stories

87% of parents claim to read bedtime stories to their children. But what really matters is consistency. Finding the time to read with your children almost every day should be the goal.