The snowman

The Snowman Story – Aesop’s Fable

Sally and her friends loved winter season. They played in the snow all day long when they had a great idea. “We will build the biggest snowman anyone ever has” exclaimed Sally as the children began to gather snow. 

First, they made a big ball of snow. They rolled and rolled till it was as big as it could get. Then they made another ball of snow, which was smaller than the first. And lastly, they made a small ball of snow to make the snowman’s head. 

Some twigs and some pebbles made the snowman’s eyes, nose and arms, but just one thing was missing. The snowman needed a hat! Right then, a strong wind brought a big black hat floating with it. The children quickly picked it up and placed it on the snowman’s head and it was a perfect fit. 

But what the children didn’t know was that it was a magical hat. As soon as they placed it on his head, the snowman began to move. 

“Oh my, is he alive?” asked one of the girls. “Yes, Frosty the snowman is alive and well” replied the snowman and the children were shocked but soon realized he was just a friendly snowman and began to warm up to him. 

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The snowman played with the kids, and they all had the time of their lives. They made snow houses and went ice skating on the lake and had snow fights all day long. 

“We should go shopping,” said Frosty one day, as the kids came out to play with him. Since Frosty said he had never been to a store before, the kids agreed and all of them headed downhill towards the market. But as soon as they reached a store, opening the doors to enter it a big gush of warm wind came from inside, making Frosty’s hat fly of his head and away. Frosty began to chase his hat and the kids began to run after him but they could not catch up. 

They searched and they searched for their dear friend but could not find him. Soon a police man came over with Frosty’s hat. The kids began to cry because they had lost their friend, asking the policeman where he is. “Don’t cry kids, Frosty is where all snowmen are when the weather is warm. On another cold day when the snow falls, he shall be back again” 

And soon a few days later as snow fell from the sky, the kids went out and there was Frosty, ready to be back on their adventures just like before. 

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