the blue jackal story

The Blue Jackal Story

There once lived a weak and meager Jackal who used to stray around looking to feed himself. One day, he was on his hunt for food when he a group of dogs began to chase him. Scared and running for his life, he tumbled into a dyers shop, falling into a box of blue dye. As he collected himself and got out of there, he was unrecognizable.  

When the jackal returned to the forest, the animals could not make out his identity. They were intrigued and amazed to see such a different looking creature. The jackal decided that he should use this situation to his advantage. He told the animals that he was Sacred wolf, who had been sent by the Gods above to protect the animals and rule over them. 

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The poor animals fell for his trick and accepted him as their sacred leader. The jackal appointed the lion as minister, the tiger became his guardian and the elephant kept the door of his chamber. All the animals would bring all their food to him first and he would distribute it onwards. He was living a truly magnificent life. He had ordered that all the jackals be removed from his sight because he feared they would recognize him. 

But one day, as a pack of jackals were passing by, they began to howl. The blue jackal could not fight off his instinct and so began to howl with them. The animals realized that he was just a normal jackal and his secret was out. The animals were so angry that they killed him and he lost his life to his lie. 

Moral: True nature of an individual cannot remain hidden for long. 

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