Beauty and the Beast Story

Beauty And The Beast – Aesop’s Fables

There was once an old man who had a beautiful daughter named Beauty. Beauty was an intellectual woman. She read books and cared for her father greatly. They lived in a small hut in a small town. Beauty’s father was a trader. He had recently lost all his goods as the ship carrying the cargo had been wretched at sea. 

Beauty’s father had been told that he could come and collect some of the remains of his load on the ship. He was invited to a castle deep in the forest and when he reached the place, he was met with a beautiful rose garden. As he picked up his stuff, he wished nothing more than to take a rose for his daughter. 

So, he harmlessly plucked a rose but what he didn’t know was that the owner of the palace, a ferocious beast was watching him. The beast quickly appeared before him, scaring him out of his wits.  

“How dare you steal from my garden!” roared the beast. “You must now face a punishment or lose your life” he growled. The old man was petrified. He agreed to face the consequence of his action. 

“You must send your daughter to live with me” demanded the beast. 

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The old man had no option but to oblige. That day he went home and cried to his daughter as she would have to leave. 

Beauty was a smart woman; she assured her father not to worry and went to live with the Beast. At first, she was terrified of him since he looked so ugly and scary, but slowly she realized that he was actually really kind and smart, 

Slowly they began to enjoy each other’s company but Beauty still missed her father dearly. One day, Beauty was looking into a magic mirror the Beast had gifted her, when it showed her that her father was ill. 

 She requested the beast if she could go care for him in his time of weakness. Since the Beast had fallen in love with her, he could not say no. Thus, Beauty left and began to care for her father. He healed and they enjoyed being together. 

During this time, Beauty realized that she had fallen in love with the beast. One day the magic mirror showed her that he was also unwell from the grief of missing her. She could hold back and rushed to the palace to care for him and embrace him. 

As beauty arrived, she saw the Beast transform into a gorgeous young prince. Beauty’s true love for him had lifted the curse which had turned him into a beast. Happier than ever, the two vowed to marry and lived happily ever after. 

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