Positive and negative thinking story

Positive And Negative Thinking -Aesop’s Fables

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Once upon a time, there was trader named Hamid. He had amassed a lot of wealth from his journeys and voyages and lived a luxurious wealthy life.  

One day, he set out on a journey. As he was passing through the forest, he grew tired and wished to sit down and rest. He rested his back against a tree and began to relax. Soon he became thirsty and wished for a glass of water. “If I had a glass of water right now, it would quench my thirst” he said. Somehow, magically, a pitcher of water suddenly appeared near him. He drank plenty of water from it, till he was no longer thirsty. Soon he started to get hungry and now wished for a warm meal. “If I had a warm plate of food right now, I could fill my stomach and rest peacefully” he thought. And once again, magically, a warm plate of rice appeared before Hamid and he devoured every bit of it. Since he had eaten a lot, he now felt drowsy and wished to have a comfortable bed to sleep in. “Oh, how can I sleep against this hard ground and this itchy bark, I wish there was a bed for me to lay in”. As soon as Hamid said these words, a bed appeared before him and he lay in it and slept happily. All his wishes had been fulfilled and he felt very happy and content.  

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What Hamid did not know was that he was sleeping under a magical Kalpavriksha tree. The tree had the ability to fulfill any desire. 

Hamid had a good sleep in the warm, pillow bed. When he woke up, he thought to himself “I am alone in this forest right now, if a tiger was to appear right now, I would have no way of protecting myself and it would surely kill me”. 

As soon as he though so, a tiger suddenly appeared and pounced on him, eating him up within seconds. Hamid had cost himself his life by thinking negatively under the magic tree. 

It is true that our life is dictated by our thoughts. A man who thinks positively leads a positive life with good results. But someone who thinks negatively has to always bear the consequences of being pessimistic. 

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