Elephant and the Mice Story

Elephant and The Mice – Bedtime Story For Kid

Once upon a time a colony of mice lived peacefully under a tree in the forest. The forest had a beautiful stream nearby. One day a herd of elephants which had been migrating between different lands saw the water stream. The herd rushed towards the water in joy, but as they ran they crushed the homes of so many mice, killing many too.  

The mice were very sad and their kind decided to speak to the elephant king of the herd. So when the mice confronted the elephant king, he apologized and said he would make sure that they change their route the next time so that no mice are harmed. From then onwards the mice and the elephants became friends. 

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One day a group of hunters had lay down nets. As the elephants made their way to the water stream, they got trapped in the nets. As the elephants began to call for help, the mice ran to help the elephants out. They chewed on the nets and freed the elephants. 

They had returned the favor to their friends, who had changed their route for the mice. Truly, friendship has no bounds. 

Moral: friendship has no bounds. 

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