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Stories To Read To Babies In The Womb Online For Free

Do you love reading? Yes? You would definitely like your little one to have this habit, especially when reading books is no longer given much importance by the kids. If that is so, then you’ll have to work on your babies even before their birth. And how can you do that? By reading your little baby some sweet and short stories.

You are definitely going to develop a close reading association with your baby along with the development of story reading habit from the very start. We want you to get some best stuff when it comes to reading stories to the baby in the womb. So, here are some of the short stories to read to baby in womb. Read them aloud and enjoy.

Here is the list of Stories To Read To Baby In Womb

We are sharing a list of baby stories that you can read to your baby in the womb. With these stories, you’ll be able to create a wonderful relationship with your baby. So, here are the stories to read to baby in womb online.

Food For The Vultures

One day, a lion and a wild boar approached a small stream, wishing to drink water from it. However, there was only enough space for one animal to drink from. As they both arrived at the stream, the began to argue and fight over who would drink first. 

The lion charged at the boar with his big claws, while the boar bucked him with his tusks. They continued to fight for a spot by the stream when a vulture began to circle above their head. The vulture was waiting for one of them to kill the other so that the vultures can feed on them. 

Soon the lion and the boar realized that they were being watched by the vultures. Both of them stopped fighting. “If we continue to fight, we will become food for the vultures” said the lion, and the boar agreed. From that point onwards they stopped fighting and became best friends. 

The Tiger And The Traveler

One day a hunter had laid out a massive trap for a tiger in the forest. Soon the tiger, who was passing by fell into the net and the hunter quickly locked him up into a cage. 

The hunter put the cage on a roadside for people to witness the tiger. The tiger had previously killed many village people and innocent animals and children. Now people were being made to enjoy his misery as they saw him locked up. 

The hunter did not feed the tiger for days. Day by day, the tiger grew desperate for food. He began to beg the hunter to give him something to eat. He promised the hunter that if would let him go, he would not harm anyone ever again. 

One day a traveler was crossing the road when he saw the tiger. He felt bad seeing him in such a state, and when the tiger promised he would not harm anyone, he let him out. 

But once the tiger was out, he did not care about his promise. He wanted to kill every human in his way. 

A sly little fox was passing by and when he saw that the tiger was about to kill everyone he said, he did not believe such a big tiger could fit in such a tiny cage. 

The tiger said he would show the fox he was locked up there and went back inside the cage. As soon as he went in, the fox locked the cage and left with the tiger. 

The Lazy Donkey

There once lived a waterman who took clothes to the river every day to wash them.  he owned a lazy donkey, that hated doing its work and whenever he was called upon, he pretended to be sick. One day the waterman had to take a big pile of clothes to the river bank to wash.  

But the donkey knew the clothes would be heavy, and so he escaped when the waterman called him, and went to a lonely place to take a nap. 

The donkey was sleeping under a mango tree, in a secluded place, when a strong wind began to blow. Due to the wind, a mango fell from the tree and landed on the donkey’s head. Surprised, the donkey woke up and did not know what was going on. As he opened his eyes, dust blew into his eyes, making it hard for him to see. The donkey wished to go back home to hide from the dust storm, but he was afraid the waterman would beat him up.  

As he arrived home, fearfully entering the house and expecting a beating, he was surprised when his master was glad to see him. “Oh, I am glad you are back!” said his master giving him some food. From then onwards, the donkey never ran away again. 

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The Mocking Tiger

The tiger was a clever animal. He was always busy in boasting about himself and he would often make fun of the other animals. He would tease the other animals, particularly annoying the poor bumblebee and the big, clumsy elephant. 

One day, all the animals were having a meeting to discuss some important matters of the forest. Suddenly, a landslide occurred and big boulders blocked the entrance of the cave.  All the animals thought that the tiger would be able to save them, but he was not. He could not move the boulders away. 

Thus, the bumblebee snuck out through a tiny space in the rocks and went to look for the elephant who had not come to the meeting. The bee asked him to come help everyone out. The elephant arrived and removed all the rocks and all the animals began to come out of the cave. At the end, the tiger came out, his head lowered, and a lesson learnt. He knew that he should not be boastful ever again. 

Fooled By His Own Shadow

One day as the sun was setting, a wolf was walking towards the forest. As he looked behind himself, he caught a glimpse of his shadow. He was impressed by how long and huge it was.  

“i am much longer and stronger than I thought I was” he said. “i am even bigger than the lion, and could probably beat him up” said the wolf proudly, and so he decided he would do so. 

So, that night, the wolf went to the lion and growled at him as loudly as he could. The lion quickly got up and ate him up. The poor wolf had been fooled by his own shadow. 

The Meddlesome Monkey

One day, a little monkey was perched on a tree top, and was watching the local fishermen lay out a fishing net by the river. “Oh, this looks interesting” said the monkey and decided that he wants to try it out as well. 

When the fishermen went away to grab some lunch, the monkey went down by the river and grabbed the net. But the net was too big for the monkey and instead of tossing it into the river, the monkey got entangled in the net. As he tried to escape, it kept wrapping tighter and tighter around the monkey and he fell into the river. 

Luckily, the fishermen arrived and helped him out of the water. “You should just focus on staying on the trees” they said, as they set him free. 

The Ladybug

A ladybug felt lonely and wanted to make some friends. All she wanted was to have someone to play with. She roamed the forest searching for a friend, wen one day, she came across a beautiful butterfly. 

The ladybug was very happy to see the butterfly, and thought that they would make great friends. “Do you want to be friends?” asked the ladybug timidly. “Of course, why not!” replied the friendly butterfly. They soon began to play together every day, flying around, from plan to plant. The two best friends lived happily ever after. 

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The Rabbits Get Tired Of Living

One day, all the rabbits in the world met up to discuss some problems. “What a sad life we live” said one rabbit. “As soon as we come out of our burrow, we are chased by all sorts of animals, dogs, cats, tigers, lions. At the end of the day we become meals for them” he continued. The other rabbits agreed.  

“what is the point of living in fear, when we will just end up becoming food for another animal.” said another rabbit. “We should just drown ourselves” exclaimed one of them, and all the other rabbits at the meeting agreed.  

All of them left the meeting and rushed towards the pond. By the edge of the pond, some frogs were siting and relaxing. As they saw the rabbits running up to them, they were terrified and jumped into the water. 

When the rabbits saw this, they stopped in their tracks. “There is someone living a more scared life than us, maybe we should not drown ourselves after all.” said the rabbits, turning back to return home, laughing at their silly idea. 

The Greedy Lion Goes Hungry

The big, greedy lion was walking around the jungle in search of a meal. Soon he saw a hare sound asleep in the grass. The lion was just about to gobble the hare up, when he saw a big red deer hopping by. The lion instantly decided that he should try to catch the deer since it would make a heavier meal.  

The lion began to chase the deer, but he kept running and running, yet he could not catch the deer. The deer ran much faster and soon the lion gave up, panting with his tongue hanging out and his stomach grumbling. 

“Maybe I should just eat the hare” said the lion. “such a shame that I have to settle for such a small meal” he huffed. But all the commotion and running had woken up the hare, who had run off by the time the lion came looking for him. Now the greedy lion was left hungry. 

Killed By Kindness

A gorilla had two little babies, George and Jamie. George was always a rough little camp. He was active and ran around ever since he was little. On the other hand, Jamie was small and weak since he was a baby. For this reason, his mother always kept him cuddled and protected.  

In the age when George was learning how to hunt and gather food, Jamie was always cuddled up with his mother. She would hug him and keep him close. She gave him such strong hugs, that one day, she squeezed him so tight that she ended up killing him. 

She had loved Jamie so much that she ended up killing him with her kindness and love. 

Eagle And The Fox

An eagle and a fox were starting to spend a lot time together and were becoming great friends. One day, the eagle was flying around when it flew over the fox’s den and saw that her cubs were inside while the fox had gone out. The eagle could not resist such a yummy meal, and ate up the cubs. 

When the fox found out, she was furious and wished to take revenge from the eagle. However, there was no way the fox could reach the eagle’s nest which was high up on a tree. 

One day, some woodcutters came to the forest. They cut up the tree on which the nest was and the eagle’s eggs fell down. The fox quickly ate them up and had gotten the revenge she wanted. 

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The Duck And The Buck

A duck really wanted to buy an apple, and when he visited the grocery store, the sign said “one apple for one buck.” 

The duck thought about it, and the only bucks he knew lived at the farm. So, the next morning the duck went to the farm and got some bucks from the farmer. He then took them to the grocery store. 

The duck picked up nine apples from the aisle and took the nine bucks to the counter, giving them over. 

The woman at the counter began to laugh, “well I guess these could work too.” 

Whose work is the hardest Story

Jack the farmer, had two lovely dogs, Cyndie and Polly. Cyndie was a pet at home, while Polly was the one who would accompany the farmer when they went to hunt. She would run around all day, catching and fetching the birds the farmer had shot. 

The farmer’s wife would cook up the birds the farmer brought home, and the remains of the meal would be shared between Cyndie and Polly. But Polly felt that it was unfair that she did all the work and Cyndie still got the same amount of food. 

“It is not my fault I was not taught how to hunt. Besides, I do a lot of work playing with the kids too” replied Cyndie. 

A Long Suffering Bull

A strong muscular bull was trotting around when suddenly a lion began to chase it, ready to pounce on the bull for a big, juicy meal. The bull ran for its life and as it went on and on, it finally lost the lion behind as it ran into a cave. 

The cave belonged to a family of mountain goats, who were not pleased at all at seeing the intruder. The goats began to hit the bull with their horns, piercing its skin. 

“i did not come into your house for no reason, I was running from the lion” cried the bull. But the poor bull had to suffer all day. 

The Fisherman And The Little Fish

A poor fisherman made a living out of the fish he caught. One day he was very unlucky and only ended up catching a tiny little fish. 

The little fish began to beg the fisherman to let her go. “Please let me go sir. I am so small, what benefit will I have for you, I will make a much better meal when I am older” she cried. 

But the farmer did not care. He knew that a small meal was still better than no meal at all, and thus he kept the small fish and took her home to eat. 

A small good is better than nothing at all. 

The Wolf And The Lamb

One day a lamb was drinking water from a stream, when a wolf standing nearby wished to eat her up. He came up with an excuse. “Hey lamb, don’t dirty the water I am drinking” said the wolf. 

“But the water is flowing from your side to my side” said the lam innocently. 

Now the wolf came up with another plan. “Remember how you hurled abuses at me an year ago” he said. 

“But I was not born a year ago” replied the lamb. “Then it must have been your dad” said the wolf, growing impatient. 

The lamb apologized on his father’s behalf but the wolf did not give up. “You are arguing with me” complained the wolf and pounced onto the lamb eating him up. 

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Buffalo’s Patience

There once lived a monkey who missed no opportunity to bother the buffalo. He would often jump on its back, throe nuts at it, and often throw trash on the buffalo. But the buffalo dealt with him patiently and never hurt the monkey. 

All the other animals around them saw this and asked the buffalo why it did not teach the monkey a lesson. 

“I am thankful to the monkey for teaching me how to be patient” replied the buffalo. 

The monkey who was nearby, heard this and was very ashamed of his own antics, 

“Dear buffalo, I am sorry, I will never bother you again.” apologized the monkey one day, and the two became great friends.  

The Two Goats

One day two oats had to cross the river. The two ends of the river were joined by a weak and shaky bridge, which would move even at the slightest touch. Both the goats were standing at opposite ends of the river, 

Neither of the two goats were ready to cross over to the other side first, but eventually both of them began to walk on it. The bridge was so narrow that only one person could cross at a time, and so, when they reached the middle, they began to fight. 

The goats continued mindlessly fighting and pushing each other, and due to this, the bridge broke and both of them fell in the river. 

The Crow And The Pitcher

One day a thirsty crow was trotting around looking for something to drink. It came across a pitcher of water. As the crow hopped onto its edge, it realized that the pitcher was too deep and that its beak could not reach the bottom. 

The crow was scared that it if it did not think quickly, it would die of thirst. That’s when the crow saw some rocks nearby. The crow picked up the little rocks and began throwing them into the pitcher till the water began to come up. 

The crow continued to do so, till the water had reached the top and the crow easily drank it. 

The Fox And The Goat

One day, a clever fox fell into a well. Scared that it might die inside, the fox waited for someone to pass by. 

Soon a goat was passing by and looked into the well, asking the fox why he was inside, 

“I have heard a very terrible drought is going to come. I am inside to protect myself” said the fox cleverly.  

The gullible goat fell for the fox’s word and quickly jumped inside the well too. But the fox used this to his advantage. He jumped on top of the goat and then jumped out of the well, leaving the poor goat inside alone. 

No con-troll 

Once there was valley named “not very nice”, where a mean troll lived under a bridge, and forced everyone crossing it into paying a toll. He would ask the people for all sorts of compensation; food, toys, cars, clothes and what not. As soon as he used something he thought of it as used and old. The troll just wanted more and more, but he was still never happy. Even though he had so much stuff, he never shared it anyone and remained sad a lonely. 

One day a boy and his sister were crossing the bridge and the troll asked him why they wanted to go to the other side. “Because everyone is so nice on the other side. We share things and live as one big family and enjoy the little things in life” said the boy. “You can come along too” said the girl. The troll felt so happy that he had been asked to join them. He was ready to see a better world, and quickly gave up his sad life to go live with them. 

Ed the sprinkler head 

Hey I am Ed the sprinkler head. You may not have noticed me, I but have known you since you were a little kid and have seen you grow. You have only paid attention to me in the scorching summer heat when I helped you cool down. But I have seen you return from school every day. I have been a guest at so many of your birthday parties in this garden, and I have seen you get taller and taller every day. I myself, have tried to grow taller too, but have always returned to my real size. I have seen your tears and joy when the mailman comes, and silently I have been a part of so many of your journeys. 

What I am trying to say is that I will miss you when you grow old and move on with your life. I am Ed, and I am the unnoticed sprinkler head. 

My busy C 

Aunty C was always busier than a bee, but she always made time for me. She was always travelling here and there, but her wings were always full of love and care. She would always give the warmest hugs, and her eyes looked warm, big and round, almost like a bug. 

Once you were in her embrace, you cannot escape her juicy kisses and tight squeezes. But that is the best thing about Aunty C, she has some love for you, and still some more for me.  

The Little Boy Who Blew His Nose 

Once there was a little boy who was always blowing his nose. His boogers would fly around almost everywhere. On his sleeves and in his hair, there was no spot which was rid of his boogey disasters. One day he blew his nose, and tilts his head, and his booger went into his milk. 

It was almost as if there was no control, over the amount of snot in his nose. No matter what he did, it was always there, and all his friends could not help but always stare. 

So he decided that he would wear shirt with long sleeves, so that he can wipe his nose, whenever need be. But his mum became cross, when his sleeves became so stiff, they couldn’t even be washed. 

At last he got a handkerchief, and that is what he now uses, to keep his nose clean. 

Dreams of Good Things 

A wonderful mother to three children asked her kids what their secret little wishes were. She told them that maybe if they discussed their wishes, they could dream about them and work on turning them into reality little by little. 

She advised her kids to dream all they can, but start small, because smaller dreams can be achieved quicker and they can build on them. Taking baby steps every day is the key, and while they dream at night, the day is to make plans to achieve those dreams. 

She told her kids a story about a grouse who dream of building a house. He woke up and began to work on building it with one single straw. He could have kept going and going till it became a castle, but he was happy with his tiny little house, because it was the dream of one small grouse. 

So, she told her children, that they too can achieve, whatever they want, just by working little by little every day and night.  

What’s A Skip To Do? 

A little boy named skip loved to go cycling with his brother, but his brother had the flu and he decided that he would cycle across town to go visit him. Skip set out on his bike and as he excitedly cycled, he imagined to be riding a motorbike. The small, normal buildings around him were imagined as big skyscrapers and he was a lone rider, making his way past every obstacle, on a big, wide highway. 

Skip loved it when his parents were around for cycling too, and his mom would referee their races, while their dad cheered them on. Oh the possibilities of imagination and the fun was endless when he was on wheels. 

He reached his aunt’s house, where his brother was being taken care of. Rushing in Skip asked his brother if he wanted to go cycling with him. But his poor brother was all dizzy and groggy from the flu and he said no. 

Now Skip had to cycle back, and as bummed as he was, the roads looked just like roads, and the buildings were back to plain and small and his motorbike had shrunk back to a bicycle. 

Oh, what a Skip was to do without his cycling partner. 

Poor Otis 

Otis the dog was a scrappy little dog who never realized how dirty he was. He hated taking a bath and would always run to roll around in the trash for fun. His hair was all matted and all his friends were equally scrappy and little in number.  

One day his owner gave him a bath, but as soon as the bathroom door opened, out he shot. He ran and he ran, out of the house and as far as he could. He did not know where he was going; all he knew was that he did not want a bath. And so Otis the scrappy little dog was gone. 

Sambo’s Story 

Sambo was a cocka-poo puppy, who wagged his tail, which made him look funny. 

He was short and stout, and would lay under the bed all day. 

His fur was matted and his tiny paws were padded. 

We miss him dearly since he left us, 

But we are also glad we had him. 

Little Sambo is not with us anymore, 

And he probably has something better to do, 

In the heavens above, no one will tell him to shoo. 

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The Pebble Story 

Once upon a time, a misfortunate merchant owed a huge amount of debt to a local governor. However, because he was unable to pay it back, he kept asking the governor to extend the deadline. But the governor refused this time and put forward a different request. He asked the merchant to marry his daughter to him and he would forgive his rent. 

The merchant and his daughter were horrified at the request. So, the governor said that they should decide the matter by providence. He said that he would put a black and white stone in a bag and if the girl picked the black stone, she would have to marry the governor and her father’s debts would be forgiven. If she picked the white stone, she would not have to marry and the debts would be forgiven regardless. And if she did not pick a stone, her father would go to jail. 

So, the merchant bent down and picked up to pebbles from the ground, but the girl was quick to notice that he had picked two black pebbles. So, when the girl put her hand in the sack, she picked up a pebble but quickly dropped it to the ground. She told the governor to see which pebble was still in the sack and that would tell her the color of the lost pebble. 

The governor did not want to admit his dishonesty and so it was implied the pebble she lost was white. The girl had turned a bad situation into her favor. 

The Butterfly Story 

One day a man saw a cocoon split open slightly and a butterfly struggling to very slowly come out. The man watched the cocoon lying on his windowsill for hours at stretch, but no progress was made by the butterfly. 

So, out of goodwill, he decided to cut open the cocoon, so he took a scissor and did so. But, when he opened the cocoon, he saw that the butterfly’s body was swollen and the legs all shriveled up. The man did not realize that in coming out of the cocoon, the fluid in the butterfly’s body is pushed into its wings, which makes it ready to fly. By cutting open the cocoon, the man had disrupted this process. 

Sometimes we need to struggle on our own to be at our very best. 

How To Make Bedtime Baby Stories More Interesting? 

In order to make the story for baby in the womb, here are some of the important strategies.

Find The Best Stories:

You can find some of the best stories to read to babies in the womb. The stories must be short with some moral lessons in it. This will help you in keeping your and your baby’s attention intact.

Use Some Funny Tones:

Using some funny tones to make the story to read to baby in the womb interesting. It would not only be helpful in keeping our attention but would also encourage reading ability in your children.

Not Time Specific:

You can find the stories to read to baby in womb online any time. There is no restriction. By reading stories from 5 Minute Bedtime, you don’t have to be time-restricted. We are available for you every time.

FAQs For Short Story For Baby In Womb

Here are some of the questions that you have in bedtime stories for babies in the womb:

When should I start reading stories for my baby in the womb?

During 23 – 27 weeks of pregnancy, babies start developing their hearing skills, so you can start stories for babies in the womb by this time.

What are some of the benefits of the stories to read to baby in womb?

Your baby can develop the habit of reading when you are going to read the story for baby in the womb. Additionally, hearing sounds would also provide some exercise opportunity to your young baby.

What are some of the stories to read to babies in the womb?

Here are some of the best stories that you can read to your babies in the womb:

The crow and the pitcher Story

The duck and the buck Story

The fox and the goat Story