One, Two, Three eye- Aesop’s Fables

One eye two and three eye story

5-7 minutes An elderly woman had three daughters. The eldest one had one eye in the middle of her forehead; the younger one had three eyes, while the youngest had two eyes like normal people. The woman had named her daughter according to the number of eyes they had.   Since Two eyes looked like every … Read more

The Hungry Caterpillar – A Good Bedtime Story To Read

The Hungry Caterpillar

One fine evening as a small egg lay on a leaf, a tiny caterpillar hatched out of it. As soon as it came to the world, the caterpillar began to search for some food. On its first day it ate some apples, but it was still super hungry.  The next day, which was Tuesday, the … Read more

A Thousand Gold Coins


One day King Julian and His minister were taking a walk around the city and having a conversation. The minister said that he believes people would be willing to do anything for money. King Julian however did not agree. He bent down and pushed his finger into the freezing cold water of the lake and … Read more

The Bird Trap.

The Bird Trap

Once upon a time a farmer had a beautiful flock of doves. He would take them on a walk around the village sometimes and lead them as they flew around. One day as they were on their walk, the doves became hungry. The farmer suggested that they should fly around a little and look for … Read more

The King’s Secret

The King's Secret

There was once a king who ruled over seven kingdoms. He was kind and just, and the people loved him very much. However the king had a disability. He had a poor eye and had lost a leg during a battle. Because of his disabilities, the king never had any paintings made of himself because … Read more

The Hungry Mouse Story


The hungry mouse sat in his hole thinking about how to fill his grumbling stomach. He decided to set out on a hunt for food. As he roamed around he came across a basket of corn. This made the mouse very excited, and began to find a way to get into the basket. This is … Read more

Talkative WoodCutter

The Talkative Woodcutter

A talkative, hardworking but a little stupid woodcutter, cutting woods with a bright smile on his face. He saw a farmer coming so he waved his hand at him and the farmer came towards him. Farmer: “Yes?” The talkative woodcutter never shuts his mouth and starts talking to every person he meets while the farmer … Read more

Bad Habits Story

Bad Habits Story

A ten year old boy named Jem was watching cartoons and biting his nails. Mother came into his room and said: “Jem? What is this behavior? How many times I’ve told you not to bite nails. It’s a bad habit.” Jem: “Mom, It’s just you and me in the house. I bite nails only at … Read more

Haste Makes Waste

haste makes waste

“I’m going to take a surprise test and you only have ten minutes to thoroughly read the topic. The topic is chapter 1…..” On hearing this Jim right away opened his notebook and began studying chapter 1 while other students were paying attention to the teacher. Ten minutes got over and the teacher distributed the … Read more