The Mother And The Wolf – Aesop’s Fable

The mother and child looking at the wolf
The mother and the wolf

One day, a mother was standing by her windowsill hushing her crying baby. “Don’t cry little one, if you continue to cry like that, I’ll give you a way to the wolf” cooed the mother. A wolf passing nearby heard her say so and instantly grew excited, thinking that he was about to get the baby.

So, the wolf sat by the window all day long, waiting for the baby to be fed to him. Yet with every tantrum, the mother would console and hush the child, and never hand it over to the wolf. Finally, as the day was coming to an end, the wolf heard the mother say “Shh baby, don’t cry. Your father will kill the wolf if he tries to harm you.”

Just then, the baby’s father entered the premises of the house, and the wolf had to run as hard as he could to save himself from the dogs that came with it.

He had been foolish to believe all that he heard.

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