The Wolf And The Kid – Aesop’s Fable

The wolf staring at kid goat
The wolf and the kid

A kid was grazing with the rest of the goats when suddenly it occurred to him that he was old enough to make his own choices. Thus, when the rest of the herd decided that it was time to leave, the Kid decided to stay back and graze for a bit longer, but by the time he lifted his head, the rest of his companions and his mother were nowhere to be found. 

The chilly wind howled in the empty pasture as the sun began to slowly set. With darkness looming overhead, the Kid thought about the monstrous Wolf who lived in the forest. As fear began to creep in, the Kid ran through the pasture, bleating and calling out to its mother. But as he ran, he was suddenly halted in his tracks by the Wolf appearing out of nowhere.  

Ready to eat up the Kid, the Wolf was about to jump on him, when the meager little goat made a final request. “Can you play a tune for my dance before you eat me so that I am merry for my final moments?” asked the Kid. 

The Wolf liked the idea of some music before a feast, so he began to play a tune and the kid began to frolic and jump around as he danced. 

But the strong winds carried the music across the meadow, and the shepherd’s dogs heard it, knowing that it was the wolf’s tune before he ate. Rushing back the dogs quickly intervened in the procession and chased the Wolf away. 

The Wolf regretted having been carried away from his purpose and succumbing to the Kid’s demands. 

You should never let anything divert your focus from your intended purpose.

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