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Box of Gratitude Story

Box of Gratitude

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a girl named Shyna who always felt sad.  She couldn’t help but think about all the things she didn’t have. She wished for so many things, that her heart felt heavy. She wanted fancy dresses, and magnificent horse carriages and sparkling jewelry. She would dream … Read more

Help Others

help others

Piggy , piggo and a goat Under a green thick tree, two pink colored pigs named piggy and piggo were sitting, talking, and enjoying. After a while, they saw a little white goat trying to pluck leaves from the tree but the goat’s height was short. Piggy, a kind-hearted pig on seeing goat moved to … Read more

Zebra Strips

Zebras Strip

A Zebra named Zeb, lives in a jungle interacted with his another zebra friend named Zebu. Zeb:”Hey Zebu! You’re looking so happy. Can I ask the reason behind your wide smile?” Zebu:”Yes, someone made me happy today. Do you remember my genius cousin who visited my place the other day?” Zeb: ”Yes,I remember. Tell me … Read more