The Fox and the Monkey


All the animals had gathered one day to elect their new leader. At the gathering they had asked the monkey to dance. The monkey twirled and jumped around, jumping and rolling and mesmerizing the audience.  The animals were so thrilled by his performance that they decided to elect the monkey as their new leader. The … Read more

The Cat and the Mice – Moral Story

the cat and the mice moral story

Once upon a time, there was a very watchful cat who used to keep eye on the mouse that they hardly dare to be around him. The cat was very watchful that the mice were afraid that it may kill them the second it gets a chance. The cat seemed to be everywhere ready to … Read more

The Cat, the Cock, and the Young Mouse Story


A very young mouse went out from the place where it used to live. It had never been out from its house before and had never seen anything of the outside world. But, when he completed his journey, he was almost grieved. When he came back to his house, he told his mother all about … Read more

The Fox and The Cat Story For Kids

the fox and the cat bedtime story

One fine sunny and warm day, a cat and a fox were sitting under a huge tree. They were both talking to each other and walking out together. The fox suddenly, out of nowhere, started to boast about himself. He started to discuss how the fox can escape from a pack of dogs.   The fox … Read more

Splat the Cat Story – Read Aloud / Listen

splat the cat bedtime story

There was a cat, named Splat. Splat had a pet mouse who was his dear friend. It was the morning of Splat’s first day of school. He was very nervous when he woke up the morning of the first day of his school. When he went downstairs to get ready for school. He was trying different excuses … Read more

The Dog The Cock And Fox – Aesop’s fables

the dog the cock and the fox

A Dog and a Cock were best friends, and having spent almost their lives at the farm they wished to see the world and set out on an adventure. Thus, they departed one fine morning and set forward into the woods. Slowly, dawn turned into dusk, yet they had not encountered any adventure. But the … Read more

The Hare And His Ears – Aesop’s fables

Once upon a time, the Lion was chasing a goat for his prey when it hit him in the stomach with its horns. Shocked and infuriated at the animal’s attack, the Lion decided that he would ask every animal with horns in the jungle to evacuate and leave.  Giving the animals twenty-four hours, Lion’s command … Read more

The Ant And The Dove – Aesop’s Fables

The dova and the ant

One day an ant had toppled over the edge of the river into the harshly flowing water. As the ant struggled to prevent itself from drowning, a dove watching nearby noticed the small insect. Acting fast, the dove picked out a strand of straw and flew to the river, holding it out for the ant … Read more

The Tortoise And The Ducks – Aesop’s Fable

The tortoise did not always carry his home on his back. Legend goes, that the tortoise had refused to attend Jupiter’s wedding since he preferred solitude. As a result, Jupiter had cursed him by making sure he always carried his home on his back and could not get rid of it even if he wanted … Read more