The Hare And His Ears – Aesop’s Fable

The Hare and his ears

Once upon a time, the Lion was chasing a goat for his prey when it hit him in the stomach with its horns. Shocked and infuriated at the animal’s attack, the Lion decided that he would ask every animal with horns in the jungle to evacuate and leave. 

Giving the animals twenty-four hours, Lion’s command spread. Many beasts with horns began to migrate, fearing the lion’s wrath. The Hare couldn’t sleep that night. He had terrible dreams about the Lion angry and ferocious. At dawn, he woke up and scurried out of his burrow. As the sun shone behind him, his big ears cast a shadow on the ground. 

He knew he must leave, and so he did. The Lion would have surely counted his ears as horns and hurt him. He didn’t want to give his enemy an excuse to hurt him. 

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