the fox and the pheasants

The Fox and Pheasants – Aesop’s fables


One night, a fox was out hunting for some prey so that he could feast on it for a wholesome meal. Roaming around he spotted some pheasants perched on a tree branch high up on the tree. He thought about a clever plan to get them down, so he slowly snuck nearer to the tree, standing at a spot where the moonlight was casting a small spotlight. 

Once he was in the sight of the birds, the fox began to dance. He twirled and shimmied and jumped about. The pheasants were greatly intrigued, but also cautious of the fox. Their eyes were set on him and followed his every move, pacing with him as he leapt around, dancing swiftly. 

The fox then climbed up the bark a little, fell down, got up, and began twirling and prancing around again. The pheasants watched and watched, till their heads began spinning following his movements. Soon they were so dizzy that the fell off the trees one after the other and the fox caught them all and took them home. 

Keeping too close of an eye on danger can make you fall prey to it. 

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