the fox and the cat bedtime story

The Fox and The Cat Story For Kids

the fox and the cat bedtime story

One fine sunny and warm day, a cat and a fox were sitting under a huge tree. They were both talking to each other and walking out together. The fox suddenly, out of nowhere, started to boast about himself. He started to discuss how the fox can escape from a pack of dogs.  

The fox was very boastful and started bragging about how many ways they know to get away from the dogs. The fox told the cat that he can run into a forest when a group of dogs starts to chase him, he can hide behind the bushes or he can also hide inside the burrow. The fox was feeling very proud when he was telling the cat about this. After the fox stopped bragging about himself, the cat only said that it was good for him. Furthermore, she told the fox that she only knows a single way of escaping from chasing dogs and that is to climb up the tree.  

 While they were just talking about this, a pack of dogs attacked the fox and the cat. Seeing the group of dogs, the cat immediately climbed up the tree to save its life. However, the fox ran here and there all around to find the burrow and hide there. The fox tried its best to escape the dogs but he could not find any place to hide even though he knew a lot of ways to escape from the chasing dogs. Finally, the dogs chased the fox and killed him. On the other hand, the cat remained safe up the tree.  

The story of the fox and the cat taught us that it is wise to master only one thing than being a jack of all the trades. you can read more stories like these or explore more cat stories for kids.

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