the porcupine and the snake

Porcupine and Snakes – Aesop’s fables

One night, a porcupine came across a small sheltered cave, where a bunch of snakes were peacefully living. Since he needed a place to stay for the night, he peered into the cave and asked the snakes if he could stay with them. Out of kindness, the snakes agreed to let him stay. 

However, they soon grew tired of him because his sharp quills made it very hard for the snakes to move around their cave. The quills would also shed and fall to the ground and the snakes had to be very careful sliding around. 

On the third day, the snakes politely asked the porcupine to leave their cave. But the porcupine politely declined, “i will be living here from now. You may leave.” 

And so, the snakes had to leave their home and go look for another one if the wished to avoid injury from the spikes. 

They had lent him a finger, but lost their hand. 

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