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Travelers and Purse – Aesop’s fables

Two travelers were on a journey together when they stumbled upon a purse. One of them picked it up and judging by the weight, was sure that it was full of fortune. “I am so lucky!” he exclaimed, jumping at his good luck. “You? It is we who are lucky as those who travel together share the fortunes and misfortunes of the journey” said his companion. 

“No, I found this purse and so, it is mine and only mine” the traveler replied. But just as he was celebrating the purse, an angry mob emerged with sticks and stones and fire, shouting that a thief had stolen the purse. 

“Oh no, we’ll be dead if they find the purse on us” panicked the traveler. 

“We? If it was ‘I’ when you found it, keep the trouble to yourself too” said his companion, setting off. 

If you cannot share good fortune, don’t expect people to share your misfortunes either. 

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