Two Goats

Two Goats – Aesop Fable

Two goats who were on opposite sides of a mountain, saw each other across an opening in their path, where a wild river ran below, crushing anything that fell inside. The only way to make it to the other side was by crossing over the weak bark of a fallen tree. Even the smallest of creatures could not pass by safely, and the hollowing river below made the bravest shudder. 

Yet, the goats kept their stubbornness forward and both began to cross at the same time. When they came face to face, they entangled their horns trying to show dominance. both of them were determined to be the first one to cross, and neither were willing to take a step back.

Horns locked in a bout, ultimately both of them fell into the river.  Their stubbornness had gotten the best of them.

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