The raven and the swan

The Raven and The Swan – Aesop’s fables

The raven, black as coal, was always distressed about its looks. Every day it would look at swan and envy her pearly white feathers and beautiful long neck. Thinking of ways through which the raven could start looking like the swan, he decided that maybe if he started living like her, he could start looking like her. 

So, the next day, the raven flew down to the pond near the marshes and tried to remain afloat on the water. Day after day the water washed him down till, he almost drowned, but there was no change. The raven also ate the bugs in the pond like the swan, but his stomach would not accept them. He grew thinner and thinner by the day, until he starved to death. 

Changing habitats cannot change nature. 

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