the bundle of sticks

The Bundle of Sticks – Aesop’s Fables

A father of seven sons was distressed over the fact that his sons seemed to always be quarrelling. No matter what he told them or what he advised them, they never gave up their mindless quarrels. Thus, the father decided that he would present a good example to his sons which ought to teach them a lesson. 

He requested the gardener to provide him with a bundle of sticks. When he received those, he asked his sons to present themselves before him. He handed the big bundle of sticks to each of his sons one after the other and asked them to break the bundle of sticks. However, none of the succeeded in doing so. 

Then, the father split the bundle into seven smaller ones and handed them to his sons, asking them to break each stick. They were able to break the sticks easily. 

“You see my sons, if you are united, you will be strong. But if you keep fighting, you will be like an individual stick, easy to break” advised the father. 

Certainly, unity is strength. 

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