The Mischievous Dog – Aesop’s fables

the mischievious dog

On the farm, there lived a dog who was so notorious and naughty that his owner was tired of him. His owner had to tie a massive wooden log with his leash to prevent him from going around and annoying the neighbors.  But the dog was so mischievous that he went around the village dragging … Read more

The Fox and Hedgehog – Aesop’s fables

fox and the hedgehog

A fox had put in all his energy and might in swimming across the ocean, and now he lay exhausted on the bank. All his energy had been drained in fighting the harsh current of the water and as he lay on the bank, too weak to move, a swarm of blood sucking bees came … Read more

The Goatherd and Goat – Aesop’s fables

goatherd and the goats

A Goatherd had taken the goats for grazing, when one of the goats began to wander off, drawn towards a patch of clover. The Goatherd called it back, but it refused to listen. So, the Goatherd threw a stone at the goat and ended up breaking its horn.   Terrified that his master would be angry, … Read more

The Ass and the Lap Dog – Aesop’s Fables

the ass and the lap dog

There was once a farmer who had both an ass and a lap dog. The farmer loved his dog dearly and would often pet him in his lap and give him bits of food from his own food too. Every day the dog would run around the farmer and climb into his lap, licking his … Read more

The Man and a Lion – Aesop’s fables

the man and the lion

A lion and a man had embarked on a journey together. On their way they kept arguing over the superiority of their races. The man insisted that the humans were superior while the lion was adamant that his species were the superior ones.  As they continued in the forest, they came across a massive statue … Read more

The Old Lion and Fox – Aesop’s fables

the fox and the sick lion

Once upon a time there was a young lion, who’s claws and teeth were too weak for him to hunt and he ran too slow to chase. But, since he did not want to starve, he tricked everyone into believing he was ill.   He lay in a far-off cave and made sure word spread about … Read more

The Bull and the Goat – Aesop’s Fables

the bull and the goat

Racing as fast as he could, a bull ran into a secluded cave, trying to save its life from a lion that was chasing it. This cave was where the Goatherds usually kept their goats to keep them safe from the storms and during the night. One of the goats had been left behind in … Read more

The Dog and the Oyster – Aesop’s fables

the dog and the oyster

A big, bulky dog loved gobbling up eggs. One day he entered a chicken coup and ate up all the eggs one after the other.  On another day he was walking along the seashore when he lay eyes upon an oyster shining under the sun. In a second, he ate it up, having momentarily devoured … Read more

Goatherd and Wild Goats – Aesop fable

the goatherd and wild goats

The wild wind roared and wheezed as a Goatherd hurried with his flock into a nearby cave. In the cave there were already a number of sheep hiding from the storm. The Goatherd wished to make these a part of his flock too.  So, in the days that were spent in the cave, the Goatherd … Read more

The Fox and The Crab – Aesop’s fables

crab and the fox

A crab was really unhappy with his circumstances. He didn’t like the sand which he lived in, for it always felt too grainy or too hot or too watery to him. He always dreamed of living in the meadows and how amazing he would feel on the grass.  One day he decided to go down … Read more