the bull and the goat

The Bull and the Goat – Aesop’s Fables


Racing as fast as he could, a bull ran into a secluded cave, trying to save its life from a lion that was chasing it. This cave was where the Goatherds usually kept their goats to keep them safe from the storms and during the night. One of the goats had been left behind in the cave. 

As soon as the bull entered, the goat leapt at it and struck the bulls belly with its horns. The bullock was shaking, but since the lion was still outside it had to be submissive in front of this unnecessary insult.  

“Right now, I am in a difficult position. But as soon as that lion leaves, I will teach you a lesson you will remember” warned the bull. The goat had used the bull’s position to his advantage, but would now have to suffer. 

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