the goatherd and wild goats

Goatherd and Wild Goats – Aesop fable


The wild wind roared and wheezed as a Goatherd hurried with his flock into a nearby cave. In the cave there were already a number of sheep hiding from the storm. The Goatherd wished to make these a part of his flock too. 

So, in the days that were spent in the cave, the Goatherd made sure to feed the new goats well. However, in doing so he neglected his own herd. 

When the storm ended, the new goats quickly left the cave and ran up the mountain. 

“Is this how you thank me for feeding you?” the Goatherd asked them, disappointed in their antics. 

“Do not expect us to join your flock, as we know how you will treat us when someone new arrives” they neighed and went off. 

You should never treat your old friends poorly for the sake of new ones. 

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