The Flies and Honey – Aesop’s fables

the flies and the honey

One day, a jar of honey was feeling distressed and so all the honey began to flow out of it. A swarm of bees flying overhead saw the tacky, gooey sweetness and could not stop themselves from quickly flying into it to eat it. But soon the flies were all covered in honey, and their … Read more

Jupiter and the Monkey – Aesop’s Fables

jupiter and the monkey

There was once a baby show in the forest, hosted by Jupiter who was to present the cutest baby with a prize. All the mama animals showed up with their little offspring. There were cuddles, snuggles and adoration everywhere. Among the animals was also the mama monkey. She had brought her little chimp to participate … Read more

The Fox without a Tail – Aesop’s fables

the fox without a tail

In a terrible battle with a hunter’s net, a fox had almost lost its life, but somehow had managed to tug and pull itself free and had escaped. However, the cost of freedom for him was that he had to leave his beautiful bushy tail behind.  He knew that the other foxes would ridicule him … Read more

The Bat and the Weasel – Aesop’s Fables

the bat and the weasel

One day, a bat foolishly ended up flying into a weasel’s nest, who quickly began to chase the bat so that he could eat him. As the weasel caught him, the bat began to beg him to let him go.  “I am an enemy of all mice, and so I shall eat you up” said … Read more

The Crane and the Wolf – Aesop’s fables

The wolf and the crane

A wolf had been greedily eating up food because of which a bone got stuck in his throat. It was stuck crosswise, so that nothing else could go down his throat anymore. Starving for food and thirsty for water, the wolf was desperate to have someone pick it out.  The crane had a long neck and a … Read more

Stag and His Reflection – Aesop’s fable

the stag and his reflection

On a hot evening, a Stag stopped by a fresh stream to catch a sip of water. As he bent down to drink some water, he couldn’t help but admire the reflection of his antlers in the water. Glorious and spread out beautifully, the Stag felt a sense of pride creeping in. But then, he … Read more

The Cock and The Fox – Aesop’s fables

cock and fox

As the sun set and darkness began to prevail, a Cock was ready to go to sleep sitting on a high branch. About to bury his face in his wings, the Cock was disturbed by a Fox, who had come running to the base of the tree. “Have you heard the great news?” asked the … Read more

The Cat and a Monkey – Aesop’s Fables

the cat and a monkey

A cat and a monkey lived in the same house as pets and were great friends. The mischievous duo was always up to something, and on that particular day, they were craving some chestnuts which their master had left on the stove to roast.  Unsure of how to get the nuts out of the fire, … Read more

The Cat and the Fox – Aesop’s Fables

the cat and the fox

A cat and a fox had undertaken a journey together. As the traveled further, they collected food such as a stray mouse, a hen and little mice. As the engaged in discussions, their conversations got personal, turning into arguments which were getting heated.  “You think you are so clever don’t you, yet you do not … Read more

The Old Lion – Aesop’s fables

the old lion

An elderly, weak lion now lay in a cave all alone, living his last days. His teeth were loose and weak and his limbs were all slow and slim. He could not hunt for himself now and had lost loads of weight.  Seeing him in this state, a wild boar came up to him and … Read more