the cat and a monkey

The Cat and a Monkey – Aesop’s Fables

A cat and a monkey lived in the same house as pets and were great friends. The mischievous duo was always up to something, and on that particular day, they were craving some chestnuts which their master had left on the stove to roast. 

Unsure of how to get the nuts out of the fire, the monkey told the cat that it was more agile and swift, and thus, would be better at drawing them out. 

So, the cat stuck its paw into the fire, once, twice and on the third attempt managed to get a nut out. However, with each attempt her paw was burnt badly. Yet, every nut she drew out, the monkey quickly gobbled up. 

Soon their master arrived and shooed the away, the monkey quickly jumped away, but the poor cat was left with a burnt paw. From that day she refrained from mingling with that rascal monkey and kept to the mice and the rats. The monkey only flattered her to seek advantages for himself. 

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