the bat and the weasel

The Bat and the Weasel – Aesop’s Fables

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One day, a bat foolishly ended up flying into a weasel’s nest, who quickly began to chase the bat so that he could eat him. As the weasel caught him, the bat began to beg him to let him go. 

“I am an enemy of all mice, and so I shall eat you up” said the weasel, sharpening his claws. 

“but I am not a mouse. Look I have wings, mice cannot fly, I am a bird” cried the bat. 

The weasel agreed that he was not a mouse, and let him go. However, a couple of days later, the mouse accidentally stumbled into another weasel’s nest. This time, the weasel was enemy of all birds. When the bat was caught, the weasel told him that he would kill all birds, but this time the bat cried, “I am not a bird, I am a mouse. I don’t have a beak or any feathers.” and so the weasel let him go. 

You should always go with the flow. 

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