The wolf and the crane

The Crane and the Wolf – Aesop’s fables


A wolf had been greedily eating up food because of which a bone got stuck in his throat. It was stuck crosswise, so that nothing else could go down his throat anymore. Starving for food and thirsty for water, the wolf was desperate to have someone pick it out. 

The crane had a long neck and a longer beak. The wolf knew that he would be of great help, so he promised the crane a hefty reward if he picked out the bone. The crane was skeptical about sticking its head into the wolfs mouth, however thinking of the reward, he decided to take the bone out. 

As soon as the bone was out, the wolf began to walk away. “What about my reward?” asked the the crane. “Is it not rewarding enough for you that I let you live?” chuckled the wolf as he went off. 

The wicked should never be trusted for greater good. 

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