the cat and the fox

The Cat and the Fox – Aesop’s Fables

A cat and a fox had undertaken a journey together. As the traveled further, they collected food such as a stray mouse, a hen and little mice. As the engaged in discussions, their conversations got personal, turning into arguments which were getting heated. 

“You think you are so clever don’t you, yet you do not know as many tricks as I do” boasted the fox. 

‘I may not know a lot of them, but I know one trick which is greater than all your tricks” smiled the cat. 

Soon after the fox and the cat heard a pack of hounds nearby, who were being led by a group of hunters. The cat quickly reacted to the noise and climbed up a tree, escaping the treat. But the fox was left on the ground. As the hounds neared him, he knew so many tricks that he ran and jumped and ducked, but all in vain. 

Soon the hounds caught up behind him and ended up taking him down. “this was my trick, which is heftier than any of his” sighed the cat. 

Common sense is surely worth more than cunning tricks.  

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