the stag and his reflection

Stag and His Reflection – Aesop’s fable


On a hot evening, a Stag stopped by a fresh stream to catch a sip of water. As he bent down to drink some water, he couldn’t help but admire the reflection of his antlers in the water. Glorious and spread out beautifully, the Stag felt a sense of pride creeping in. But then, he began to look at his lanky legs in the reflection. He did not understand why such a beautiful body had such sad looking legs. 

Just then, the Stag saw a leopard creeping nearby, and he took flight, running away from danger as quickly as possible. But just then, his antlers got stuck in the branches of a tree and he was halted. The leopard quickly caught up and the Stag realized that he had been praising his ornamental antlers, when his useful legs were his real possession. 

If his head was not full of those negative comments, he would’ve escaped. 

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