Talkative WoodCutter

The Talkative Woodcutter

A talkative, hardworking but a little stupid woodcutter, cutting woods with a bright smile on his face. He saw a farmer coming so he waved his hand at him and the farmer came towards him. Farmer: “Yes?” The talkative woodcutter never shuts his mouth and starts talking to every person he meets while the farmer … Read more

Lily and her Nightmares

Lily and her nightmares

Lily, a brave girl at school raised a question and the teacher explained the answer in brief and said: ”you raised an interesting question. I think everyone should be aware of this topic a little more than I’ve just explained. Listen Lily I would like you to make a presentation and explain the whole topic … Read more

Stars Story

The stars story

A boy named JIM likes stuff having star shape. The five corner star figure attracts him. He has some clothes of star print and shoes as well. Star-Shaped Cookies One day his mother made star-shaped chocolate cookies, on having a look on cookies his eyes shined with happiness and he immediately ate all the cookies. … Read more


Oreo World

                                                 Supper Time Three little kids of age 5 at the supper time had tea along with oreo biscuits. They all love to have Oreos. While enjoying supper one of them stated: ”In today’s class at school my teacher asked everyone about their dreams and I replied I want to become a spiderman. What … Read more

Help Others

help others

Piggy , piggo and a goat Under a green thick tree, two pink colored pigs named piggy and piggo were sitting, talking, and enjoying. After a while, they saw a little white goat trying to pluck leaves from the tree but the goat’s height was short. Piggy, a kind-hearted pig on seeing goat moved to … Read more