Oreo World



                          Supper Time

Three little kids of age 5 at the supper time had tea along with oreo biscuits. They all love to have Oreos.

While enjoying supper one of them stated: ”In today’s class at school my teacher asked everyone about their dreams and I replied I want to become a spiderman. What your dreams are?”

The remaining two said ”umm. We haven’t figured out our dreams yet.”

The third one said: ”It’s so easy to figure out just think  about what you love the most.”

Two of them said: ”okay, we’ll think but right now we’re enjoying tea and oreo”.

Third one: ”Woahhh! You just figured it out.I’ve always seen you two are deeply in love with oreos but ……”

Two of them:” Yes, they are incredibly delicious but how can someone have a dream about them We can’t become a biscuit.”

                             At Night

Later at night two of them named Jack and Bella had a conversation.

Jack:”You really don’t have any dream yet?”

Bella:”No,but sometimes I wish we’ve a place full of oreo”

Jack:”I understand we’re oreo lovers but there’s no such place like that.”

Bella: ”Yes, When I’ll get older I’ll make an oreo world”

Jack: ”Hahaa ! No one can do this.”

Bella: ”Just imagine the place where everything is made up of oreos and you can eat as much as you can.”

Jack:”Sounds great.”

                           Magic Stone

The next morning they both went out in a garden and had their eyes on a stone that was shining so bright. They both looked at each other and wonder why it is so shiny.

Jack picked it and Bella screamed:”I think it’s a magic stone”

Jack:”Stupid! Magic stone doesn’t exist in real world.”

Bella:”Only magic stones shines so bright.Let’s wish something maybe it’s real”

Jack:”Okay.What to wish for?”

Both screamed:”OREO WORLD

It was really a magic stone and their dream was fulfilled when they saw themselves in an oreo world.

They looked at each other and said:” Is it real?” They were extremely delighted on seeing mountains, trees, waterfalls, grass, candies, and everything was covered with oreo.

Bella:”Look here jack! Oreo ice-cream and we can eat it as much as we want.”

Both enjoyed ice-cream.

Jack:”Bella have you seen that waterfall of oreo chocolate.Let’s go and have some”

They played games ,ate a lot of oreo made stuff and enjoyed.

                         Lost the Magic Stone

It was night now and they wanted to go back home.

Jack:”Let’s go back.Where’s the stone Bella?”

Bella:”I thought you have a stone”

Jack:”No, I gave it to you. Remember?”

Bella:”I don’t remember anything like that”

Jack:” You’re so much irresponsible.Get up!We’ve to find it immediately.”


They both divided places to find stone.

Suddenly a shadow covered Bella.She got scared and looked back and her body started shivering.She saw an old horrible,tall lady gradually coming towards her and when she came close to her she grabbed Bella’s neck and Bella shouted:”JACK JACK ,THIS LADY IS KILLING ME”

Her eyes opened and jack said:”What happened ?Why you were screaming?”

Bella:”Oh Oh!It was dream!!”

Jack:”What you saw in a dream?”

Bella:”I saw that we’re in an oreo world.”

Bella told her dream to jack.

Jack laughed and said:”Hahaa ! It was a nice but unrealistic dream by the way”.


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