turn off the laptop

Turn off the laptop

Turn-off the laptop

In the summers of July, a middle aged wealthy but miser man named Carl works in a company. He bought a laptop for himself and thought it would be easier for him to do his office work from home too.As by nature he’s a miserman, so he opted for buying a second-hand laptop.He discussed his decision with his friend. Hispal counseled him to shop a fresh laptop but he refused. Pre-owned Laptop& Online Meeting Hewent to the shop and salesman said:”Sir,You look well off.Why are you interested in buying a used laptop?”Carl:”I’m saving money for something big”.(Salesman sensed he’s a miser man.)

He buys a second-hand laptop happily.Whole family enjoyed playing games,using internet and office works.The laptop worked properly in the first week but later it commenced developing issues.Laptop after every few minutes terminate all its activities and gives a notification“TURN_OFF THE LAPTOP”and unwillingly he has to turn it off.

One day he took off from the office and said he’ll join meeting online.Turned on the laptop 15 minutes earlier and just after few minutes into the meeting his laptop popped a message“TURN_OFF THE LAPTOP”. He had no choice but to turnoff and then again turned on but same thing repeated.

Fault in laptop made him enraged as he faced this issue multiple times on daily basis.Took the laptop to the same shop from where he bought and mentioned the issue. Salesman:”I’ll fix this,just pay a little now and pick it up tomorrow evening “. Carl agreed.

The evening Salesman:”Good Evening Mr.Carl. I’ve a good and a bad news for you.”Carl:”Oh man!Go ahead”Salesman:”The bad news is your laptop can’t be fixed but wait don’t get upset I’ve a good news for you.I can offer you four laptops in cheap prices so you and your kids will have an individual laptop.

How does it sound?”Miser man eyes shined brightly when he heard four laptops and in cheap rates.

He said:”Sounds wonderful!”Salesman:”Should I pack the laptops?You really accepted this offer right?”Miser Carl:”There’s no point of denying the offer.It would be so stupid of me if I deny it.

Hurry up!! Pack all the four gadgets. My kids will be delighted” When Carl came home with laptops and showed to kids.

Whole family cheered up .But within a week all the laptops were in a poor condition and not in a position to be used.

Don’t be a cheapskate

Carl took the laptops to the salesman and found out he went to his village immediately after selling him defected laptops.Carl was fuming now and later told his friend everything.Friend:”Oh Carl!You didn’t consider my advised. I forbade you but you don’t want to spend money you always buy cheap items and they operate only few weeks or months,then you buy again in cheap price.

”Carl:”It’s not like that.You’re getting me wrong.I’m just saving the money.”Friend:”No, you’ve to learn the difference between saving and spending the money.You’ve to accept the fact you’re a cheapskate.”Annoyed Carl:”I repeat you’re getting me wrong”.

Friend:”Think whatever you want to but listen you’ve a plenty of money and you could have bought a fresh laptop instead of second-hand cheap laptops.That fresh laptop would be equal to the price you’ve spent on five defected laptops.Hoarding money is not a good act.”Friend left him alone and Carl was pondering over his friend’s words

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