haste makes waste

Haste Makes Waste

“I’m going to take a surprise test and you only have ten minutes to thoroughly read the topic. The topic is chapter 1…..”

On hearing this Jim right away opened his notebook and began studying chapter 1 while other students were paying attention to the teacher.

Ten minutes got over and the teacher distributed the sheets among all students. Jim was happy that he had studied the test but was stunned on having a look at the question paper. He looked around and saw everyone was doing the test so calmly.

Teacher: “Jim? Do you want to ask any questions?”

Jim: “Ma’am, the questions you’ve given aren’t from chapter 1.”

Teacher: “Yes, I know”

Jim didn’t understand the situation.

“Why the questions are from different chapter Tim?” asked Jim.

Tim, sitting at the left facet of Jim said: “The questions are from chapter 2”.

Jim: “What? But she said the test is from chapter 1”.

Tim: “She mistakenly said chapter 1 then we told her she has already taken the test of chapter 1 so she modified the topic to chapter 2”.

Jim: “Oh! I heard chapter 1 and started studying it right away”

Teacher: “Is there any problem? Why you boys are talking in the middle of the test?”

Jim told the whole story to his teacher.

Teacher: “Poor child! I can’t do anything to help you. Try writing the answers by recalling my lecture. That’s the only thing you can do“

Jim said yes by nodding but he found it hard to recall the lecture so he requested Tim to help him but Tim refused.

Jim had no one to help him and ended up submitting a blank exam sheet.

Jim learnt the lesson

Teacher: “Jim? I’ve to talk to you. Meet me after the class in teachers’ lounge”

When Jim went to her, she said: “You know Jim why you gave me a blank exam sheet?”

Jim: “Yes, because I’ve studied the wrong chapter otherwise I would have given exam better”

Teacher: “Listen Jim! I’ll tell you the reason why this happened to you. Remember one thing Haste makes waste. You started studying as soon as you heard the word chapter 1 while the other students listened to me till the end and you also didn’t notice you’ve already given the test of this chapter. Ten minutes were enough to read one chapter thoroughly so what made you rush?”

Jim: “Thanks Ma’am, I’ve learnt a great lesson. This happens to me often and now I’ve comprehended my mistake. I always rush and things go wrong.”

Teacher: “That’s great! You’ve noticed your mistakes. Now do everything calmly and carefully because when you do something too quickly without understanding the whole scenario it not only makes the things worst but also wastes your time, effort, and energy.”


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