animal stories

elephant and the dog story

The Elephant and Dog

There once lived a King who loved animals, and he was especially fond of elephants. He had built a huge stable to keep his favorite elephant and had ordered that every day great, nutritious meals should be prepared for the elephant. Every day the elephant was served a delicious and big meal in his stable.  …

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The wise parrot story

The Wise Parrot Story

Once upon a time, two parrot brothers lived happily in a forest. They flew from tree to tree and enjoyed their life. One day a hunter was roaming the forest when he saw the parrots flying around. He found the parrots to be beautiful and colorful and thought that if he could take them to …

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the blue jackal story

The Blue Jackal Story

There once lived a weak and meager Jackal who used to stray around looking to feed himself. One day, he was on his hunt for food when he a group of dogs began to chase him. Scared and running for his life, he tumbled into a dyers shop, falling into a box of blue dye. …

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