The Unhappy Crow

In a far off forest lived a crow that seemed to be very satisfied and happy with this life. He was happy with the way he looked and the way his life was spent.  One day however the crow was flying around the forest when he met a swan. The crow couldn’t help but stop and stare at swan because he had never seen a bird so beautiful before. He could not help but feel bad about his own black feathers as he looked at how purely white the swan was.

“You must be the happiest bird in the forest because you are so beautiful” said the crow.

The Unhappy Crow

“If you think I am the most beautiful, then you have not seen a parrot yet. He has two beautiful colors whereas I am just plain white” said the swan and went off into the lake. The crow also left, now thinking about the parrot with two colors.

A few days later as he was flying around, the crow came across the parrot the swan had mentioned. When the crow looked at the beautiful colors of the parrot, he said “You must be the happiest bird in the forest”.

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