A Thousand Gold Coins


One day King Julian and His minister were taking a walk around the city and having a conversation. The minister said that he believes people would be willing to do anything for money. King Julian however did not agree. He bent down and pushed his finger into the freezing cold water of the lake and … Read more

The Bird Trap.

The Bird Trap

Once upon a time a farmer had a beautiful flock of doves. He would take them on a walk around the village sometimes and lead them as they flew around. One day as they were on their walk, the doves became hungry. The farmer suggested that they should fly around a little and look for … Read more

The Unhappy Crow

The unhappy Crow

In a far off forest lived a crow that seemed to be very satisfied and happy with this life. He was happy with the way he looked and the way his life was spent.  One day however the crow was flying around the forest when he met a swan. The crow couldn’t help but stop … Read more

The King’s Secret

The King's Secret

There was once a king who ruled over seven kingdoms. He was kind and just, and the people loved him very much. However the king had a disability. He had a poor eye and had lost a leg during a battle. Because of his disabilities, the king never had any paintings made of himself because … Read more

The Tree And The Reed

The Tree and the reed

Once upon a time, in a far off forest there was a tall oak tree. The oak tree was slim, strong and tall and had been standing in the forest for years and years. He had survived every storm and every sunny day till this day. This made the oak tree arrogant. Near him grew … Read more

The Giraffe and Her Calf

The giraffe and her calf

One day a Giraffe and her calf were resting when the little calf began to ask his mother questions. “Mom, why do we have such long necks?” inquired the young calf, observing his mother’s long, stiff neck. “Are necks are long so we can eat leaves from the tops of the highest trees” explained the … Read more

Belling The Cat

Belling the Cat

In a house there lived a group of mice who were tired of the cat. The cat would chase them around all evening or whenever they came out of their hole. Sometimes the cat would catch the mice and play with them, in preparation of eating them, till they had to break away from her. … Read more

The Milky Disaster

Early in the morning, Tanya’s mother handed her a bucket of milk to take to the market and sell. “You can keep the money you get from selling it, but be careful and don’t spill the milk” warned her mother as she picked up the bucket handing it to Tanya. “I’ll be extra careful,” said … Read more

The Tortoise’s Curse Story

The Tortoise's curse

Hermund, the King of the valley was all set to get married. He had ruled the valley for years and years, and his marriage was a moment to be celebrated. All the creatures and beings in the valley were invited to his festivities. There were preparations for the wedding for months, and everything was to … Read more