Lily and her Nightmares

Lily and her nightmares

Lily, a brave girl at school raised a question and the teacher explained the answer in brief and said: ”you raised an interesting question. I think everyone should be aware of this topic a little more than I’ve just explained. Listen Lily I would like you to make a presentation and explain the whole topic … Read more

Help Others

help others

Piggy , piggo and a goat Under a green thick tree, two pink colored pigs named piggy and piggo were sitting, talking, and enjoying. After a while, they saw a little white goat trying to pluck leaves from the tree but the goat’s height was short. Piggy, a kind-hearted pig on seeing goat moved to … Read more

Zebra Strips

Zebras Strip

A Zebra named Zeb, lives in a jungle interacted with his another zebra friend named Zebu. Zeb:”Hey Zebu! You’re looking so happy. Can I ask the reason behind your wide smile?” Zebu:”Yes, someone made me happy today. Do you remember my genius cousin who visited my place the other day?” Zeb: ”Yes,I remember. Tell me … Read more