The Lion and The Mouse

The Lion and Mouse – Aesop’s fables


One day, a mouse was scurrying out of his hole when he stumbled upon a sleeping lion. Stepping on the lion’s nose, the lion rose from his sleep and angrily captured the mouse. The poor mouse was terrified. He apologized for the act and begged the lion to forgive him, promising to help him out in the future.  

The Lion was amused at the thought of the mouse helping him out, but being generous, he let him go. A couple of days went by and the Lion was caught in a hunter’s net. Roaring out in anguish and fear, the Lion was calling out for help. The mouse was passing nearby, and seeing the Lion in pain, he decided to repay the favor. 

The mouse began to chew on the hunter’s net and as he cut the net open, the lion escaped. The lion was dumbfounded. He had laughed when the mouse had promised to help. Now he knew that kindness is always returned. 

We should never underestimate the kindness and help of those smaller than us.

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