Zebras Strip

Zebra Strips

A Zebra named Zeb, lives in a jungle interacted with his another zebra friend named Zebu.

Zeb:”Hey Zebu! You’re looking so happy. Can I ask the reason behind your wide smile?”

Zebu:”Yes, someone made me happy today. Do you remember my genius cousin who visited my place the other day?”

Zeb: ”Yes,I remember. Tell me more”

Zebu: ”Genius cousin counted stripes of my body and you know I’ve 43 stripes per side.”

Zeb: ”Woahh! So many stripes. I wonder how many I’ve got.“

Zebu: ”Unfortunately he went back otherwise he would’ve counted yours too.

”Zeb:”It’s okay”

Two Days Later

Zebu still thinking about his stripes count. He wished to have someone like zebu’s cousin and went in search to find someone who can count.

A Rude Cow

At first zeb saw a cow eating grass.

Zeb: ”Dear moo moo, how you doing?“

Cow: “Huh! Can’t you see I’m eating?”

Zeb:”Oh! Sorry. By the way can you count?”

Cow: ”How I’m supposed to count? Not my work.”

An Innocent Goat

Upset zeb moved away. Then saw a goat and got his hopes up.

Zeb:”Cute little goat! What’s up?”

Goat: ”Umm nothing. You tell”

Zeb:”Can you count? I need someone to count my stripes.”

Goat started weeping.

Zeb:”You okay?“

Goat: ”My dream was to join school but never had a chance.”

Zeb: ”Don’t cry. You’ll get a chance soon. Don’t worry! I’ll find someone else”.

Naughty Monkey

Zeb felt sad on making a goat cry and suddenly had his eyes on a mischievous monkey.

Zeb: ”Hello Monkey. Where’s your banana?”

Naughty monkey began mimicking him.

Zeb:”Leave it. Tell me do you know how to count?”

Monkey: ”Leave it. Tell me do you know how to count?”

Zeb: ”Stop repeating my dialogues. Answer my question.”

Monkey: ”Stop repeating my dialogues. Answer my question.”

Zeb got irritated and moved forward.

Monkey shouted “Zeb! Zeb listen I know”.

Zeb ran towards him happily:”Yaayy!! Start”

Monkey laughed and mimicked him again then said:”Hahaa! I enjoyedmaking you fool. I can’t count. I’m only good at annoying others. Hahaa”

A SlowSnail

Zeb got irritated again and without saying a word stepped away. On seeing a snail later, interrogated the same but now the answer made him smile when snail said: ”yes I can”. Snail put all efforts but she was counting slowly.

Zeb:”You’re slow. It will take days if you count like this.”

Snail got upset on hearing this and said: ”Go and find someone who can counts in seconds. Huh!”

Little ELLO

Zebleft and found his friend elephant’s baby Ello.

Zeb: ”Cute Ello! What are you doing?”

Ello: ”Just waiting for mother to come back. Why are you this much far away from your place.”

Zeb told his quest and once again got extremely happy on hearing from Ello:”Counting? Yeah, I’m a school going. I can surely help you.”2ndgrade Ello started counting his stripes and both were happy.

Sadly, after counting till 20 Ello stopped and said: ”Teacher taught counting only till 20.Will learn the remaining next year.”

Depressed Zeb: ”Okay, no issues little Ello”.

Zeb lost all his hopes and was about to go home back. He didn’t realize he has walked a miles away from his residence. Hungry and tired but still moving Zeb suddenly collided with zebu’s cousin.

Zeb:”Oh! You’re Zebu’s cousin. I saw you when you visited him.”

Cousin: ”Yes ,you’ve guessed it right”.

Zeb told him everything and requested to count his stripes too. Cousin got agreed after denying so much and said: ”I’ve to sleep now.You can wait here till morning”.

Zeb waited and didn’t sleep due to the excitement. Morning arrived and finally cousin counted his stripes and told him he has 46 stripes per side.

Zeb :”Thanks a million”

Cousin: “Zeb was full of happiness that he couldn’t wait to reach home and tell everyone his total stripes number.

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