The big red wellies story

The Big Red Wellies

The rain fell on the patio, as the sound of the soft pitter patter filled the room.  Marble slumped by the windowsill looking outside sadly. She planned to play outside the entire day, but the unforeseen rain had resulted in her being stuck inside. The entire garden was muddy and wet and there seemed to be no way for her to make it outside.

But she knew she had to find a way. Soon her eyes landed on the shoe rack, and an idea sprung to her mind. On the rack were her mother’s big red wellies. She knew that if she would put on her raincoat and those wellies, she could play in the garden all afternoon. And after she was done she could clean up the wellies and put them back in their place and no one would know.

So she quickly whipped on her raincoat and the wellies and escaped into the garden. Marble spent the entire afternoon jumping into puddles, and splashing around mud and enjoying her in the rain. She hopped on her hopscotch and jumped with her rope, and had a great time. All this time she knew how cross her mother would be if she found out Marble had worn her wellies. But she was sure she could just clean them up and place them back.

big red wellies story

As the sun began to set, Marble made her way back into the house. She had thoroughly enjoyed herself and it was now time to clean up. She tiptoed on the wellies making her way to the bathroom and opening the tap. She carefully scrubbed the boots and once they were clean she carefully paced them back on the rack. Soon Marble fell asleep, but was awoken by her mother who was extremely angry.

Confused Marble asked her what the problem was. Her mother led her back towards the doorway, leaving Marble red in embarrassment. She had cleaned the boots but she hadn’t realized that she had left a trail of muddy footprints all over the house! Now she was in double trouble. She had worn the wellies without asking her mother and she had made mess.

As a punishment Marble had to spend the rest of the evening scrubbing the floor and cleaning up the mess she had made. This is what she had to get for being a sneaky and naughty girl. Soon after she apologized to her mother, and in her head made a vow, to never sneak behind her parents again. And especially, to never wear those big red wellies again!

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