the wolf and the lamb

The Wolf and the Lamb – Aesop’s fable


A hungry wolf spotted a lamb drinking by the side of the stream. Starving since days, the wolf decided that he would gobble up the lamb, but the poor animal looked so innocent that the wolf felt as though it needed an excuse to eat up the poor animal.  

Thus, the wolf went down to the stream and began to drink water. Suddenly he began to address the lam, “How dare you dirty my water, you pesky little lamb.” 

Confused, the lamb replied, “How am I making your water dirty? I am downstream while you are upstream my friend.” 

The wolf knew he was in the wrong, but he continued, “Oh don’t make excuses. Besides, I know that you have said terrible things about me last year.” 

“How could I have said terrible things about you last year, when I was only born this year” said the lamb confusedly. 

“Then it must have been your brother” huffed the wolf, now growing hungrier. 

“But my dear, I have no brothers” the lamb bleated. 

“Whatever, I hate being disturbed during my breakfast” was the wolfs final allegation before he decided to jump onto the lamb and kill it for its meal. 

No matter what the lamb said, the tyrant, in this case the wolf, always had an excuse for his tyranny. 

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