the two pots

The Two Pots – Aesop’s fable

the two pots

Two pots, an earthen pot and a brass pot were good friends and lived by the hearthstone. One day as they sat together, the brass pot suggested that they should venture into the world together. But the earthen pot was not thrilled by the idea. He wished to stay close to the fire. 

The brass pot insisted however, that the earthen pot should not be afraid. “I will take care of you and I will keep you close so that nothing may happen to you” he said. Slowly he managed to convince the earthen pot to set out into the world with him. 

Both of them went trotting down towards the world, hopping on their three legs but soon as the steps to get steeper they began to bump into one another. The poor earthen pot could not survive that sort of companionship and very soon he began to crack and fell apart into a million tiny little pieces. 

Surely, an equal companionship is more likely to survive. 

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