the peacock

The Peacock – Aesop’s fables

the peacock

The peacock did not always have its beautiful feathers. They were a gift from Juno, who the peacock had begged for a gift that would differentiate it from other birds. Thus, it had been given those glorious emerald and plum feathers which the other birds would drool over. 

Yet, they came with a hefty cost. The long tail of feathers would weigh the peacock down so much so that the peacock was unable to fly. Even if it flapped its wings the hardest, it was unable to lift itself off the ground too long. 

Thus, while the other birds would trail the beautiful sky, enjoying every sunset and sunrise in the clouds, the peacocks would wait on the ground and watch their peers brace the sky, they had traded their freedom for beauty, which wasn’t the best deal after all. 

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