the miser

The Miser – Aesop’s fables

the miser

In an attempt to keep it safe, a miser had buried all his gold in a pothole he had dug in a far-off field. Every so often, he would go and check his gold, and soon, so frequently that a thief had sneakily followed him to his treasure spot. 

When the Miser returned after checking his gold one night, the thief went after him and dug out all his gold, taking it away. 

The next day, when the miser visited the hole, he was devastated to see that all his beloved gold had been stolen. He began to wail and cry, and the commotion drew a passerby to him. 

When the Miser told the stranger all his gold had been stolen, the man was shocked and asked him why on earth he had kept all his gold in this field instead of keeping it at home where he could use it when needed. 

“Use it? I never used my gold; I would never do so. I had collected it in so long” cried the Miser. 

The stranger tossed a big rock into the pothole and told the miser that if he had not intended on using the gold, this rock would hold the same value for him. Our possessions are only worth their usage. 

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