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The Dog In The Manger – Aesop’s fables

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One evening a dog was peacefully asleep in a manger full of hay and grass. He tossed and turned enjoying his slumber when an entire herd of cows came storming into the shed to devour their hay after a long day at the fields. The dog was insanely irritated, as his slumber had been interrupted by the cows. 

He began to growl and bark at the cows refusing to let them eat their hay. “How selfish of him” groaned one of the cows. “He can’t eat the hay himself and won’t let us have our meals either”. 

As the continued to quarrel the farmer soon came in. seeing the dog he picked up the stick and shooed away the dog, beating him up for disturbing the cows. 

The dog should have learnt his lesson. It is not a good thing to be bitter about something someone else has which is of no use to you. 

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