wolf and goat story

The Wolf and The Goat – Aesop’s fable

A hungry wolf stopped at the edge of a cliff in his pursuit for food and saw a goat standing at the edge peering down. The wolf knew he could not get to the goat up there even if he tried so he tried to trick the animal into coming down. 

Oh! What a dangerous place to stand at. You could easily fall down and hurt yourself. Better to come down now than to be regretful later” cried the wolf, trying his best to look concerned about the sheep. 

“Oh, how much you care about me” bleated the goat. “But I know it is not me you are concerned about, but more so you’re hungry belly. I refuse to become your meal” she snuffed, refusing to fall prey to the wolf’s bad intentions. 

His selfish invitations were not accepted that day. 

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