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The Bear And The Bees – Aesop’s Fables

bear story

One day a grumpy, hungry grizzly bear was snooping around the forest to find himself a meal when he stumbled upon a fallen tree. He snick his nose around as the scent of sweet, sweet honey drew him closer to the log.  

The bear stood at a distance at first, cautiously approaching the log to ensure that the bees were not inside. Just as he began to push his mouth in a bee was returning from the field carrying some sweet nectar. Seeing the bear snoop into their hive, the bee was infuriated. It swung itself at the bear and stung him hard. 

The bear growled in anger, he began to thrash around and destroy the hive as revenge. But all this did was invite the entire swarm of bees. The bees chased the bear and he had to jump into a pond of water to same himself. 

If the bear had been wise enough, he would have known that taking a single injury in silence would have been better than inviting thousands of angry bees. 

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