milkmaid and her pail

The Milkmaid And Her Pail – Aesop’s fables


A milkmaid had just milked her cows and carrying her shining silver pail on her head, she returned from the fields, walking towards her cottage 

Giddy from excitement, she thought about all the things she would do with the money she can make with this milk. “This is good, thick, rich milk” she chirped.  “Oh, I will make cream. Oh rich, decadent cream. I will sell it at the market and people will go crazy over it. With some of the milk I will make some butter. Rich, fatty, heavy butter, and just like that, money will slip into my hands. And oh, with all that money I will buy myself new jewelry and some new dresses and shoes, and everyone shall swoon at the sight of me!” she said excitedly. 

But as she stepped on the first stair to her house, her foot slipped over a pebble and down she went, tumbling to the ground as her pail flew off, and all the milk fell splashing onto the ground.  

As they say, one should never count their chickens before they hatch.  

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