ass and the grasshoper

The Ass and The Grasshoppers – Aesop’s Fables

vector illustration of Cute grasshopper cartoon

One afternoon as an ass roamed around a field, he heard the grasshoppers merrily sing. He halted in his tracks, mesmerized by their lovely, joyful voices and soon began to sway at the sound of their lovely song. It made him happy and filled his heart with joy and he wished he could sing like them. 

“how do you have such lovely voices?’ he inquired. “Is it due to the food you eat or something you drink?” 

The grasshoppers giggled and planned to fool around with the ass. 

“Yes! It is because of this dew we drink” the chirped. 

The ass wanted nothing more than that lovely voice, so he gave up all food and drinks and began to only consume dew. But of course, soon he began to become very weak and dies of hunger. 

He could not have changed the laws of nature. 

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