farmer and the crane

The Farmer and Cranes – Aesop’s fables

Under the blazing sun, a farmer was sowing the seeds for his crop. Above his head the cranes flew around read to launch themselves at the seeds as soon as the farmer left as the seeds would make their meals. 

Soon the farmer finished for the day and went into his cottage and the cranes began to fly down picking at the seeds and gobbling them up. But the farmer knew about such birds and was prepared to deal with them. 

He returned quickly with an empty sling and began to pretend to shoot at the cranes shouting at them. 

The cranes were scared initially and flew away. But soon they realized that the farmer was not hurting them and they no longer cared about him, flying back to at the seeds. 

The farmer was now forced to bring some stones and shoot at the cranes, killing some of them. This scared the rascals away for good. 

The farmer should have known, empty threats are useless for rascals.  

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